Top 10 Tips To Lose Weight For Your Honeymoon

Everyone wants their wedding and honeymoon to be wonderful life experiences, with the bride and groom looking and feeling their absolute best. While some may set their weight loss goals with only their wedding day in mind, others will be completely focused on dropping the weight for the honeymoon. Honeymoon weight loss is most likely a more intimate type of weight loss expectation, as the goal is usually to have your body appear a certain way for your spouse. Some may simply want to look as sexy as possible, or almost picture perfect. While you should always set realistic weight loss goals, these top 10 tips can help you to lose the weight:

1. Make night time eating a \"no-no\". When you eat late at night, you are taking in calories, but not doing anything to burn them off. This is not good, as frequently eating late is a big contributor to obesity.

2. Make eating breakfast a necessity. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast of lean protein, low-fat carbohydrates, and fruit or vegetables is a key to daily weight loss success. Eating breakfast helps your brain to work better so that you are more productive, helps your body to metabolize your food more efficiently which allows for more calories to be burned, and gives you more energy to do more throughout your day.

3. Don\'t stop eating carbohydrates. Whole grains are an essential part of a healthy diet and are the much needed carbohydrates that our bodies convert into energy. Instead of high fat, low fiber choices such as white bread and fat-laden cakes, select healthier low-fat carbohydrates such as fortified cereals.

4. Don\'t leave off exercise. Exercise is a \"must do\" to achieve weight loss success. When you exercise, your body burns the fat from the foods that you eat more efficiently and also helps in so many other ways, including with your heart and brain. Exercise also has the added benefit of allowing for more targeted workouts to tone and sculpt those problem areas that you want to work on before your wedding and honeymoon.

5. Don\'t spend a lot of time around food. Unless you work in the food industry, limit the amount of time that you spend looking at or around food. Part of any successful honeymoon weight loss plan is to stay focused on your goal. Being around lots of food can offset you and cause you more anguish and uncertainty about your ability to lose the weight.

6. Enjoy more healthy snacks. Many of us think of weight loss as something that will deprive us of good munchies. This is not true. In fact, the opposite is true. When you eat more healthy snacks, more frequently, in smaller portions, your body will actually work better by speeding up your metabolism and causing you to burn more calories more quickly.

7. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause you to want to eat more and drink lots of high calorie beverages. Drink low-calorie, replenishing drinks that can help your body stay refreshed and well-hydrated.

8. Get a nutritional makeover. Make over your mind about the purpose and use of food, and get a better understand of its use in our lives. Eat for health, look for vitamins and nutrients in your food, and don\'t deprive yourself of things that you like. Balance it all out and you will enjoy a healthier way of eating for years to come.

9. Lose for the long-term. Don\'t get too caught up in taking off the weight just for one night. That is sure to leave you feeling empty once that night is over, and may cause you to quickly abandon your new healthier lifestyle. This will actually cause you to gain weight faster.

10. Stay positive. Believe that you can lose the weight. You have to make up in your mind that you are 100% capable of making your honeymoon weight loss goal a reality. Ignore anything to the contrary.

Weddings are wonderful things. Honeymoons can be even more phenomenal. The way that you approach your special day and night will make the all the difference in the world. Being confident in who you are and making the most of this precious time can give you a satisfaction that can last a lifetime.

The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight for your wedding day, there are a few \"do\'s\" and \"don\'ts\" that you should really consider. These few pearls of wisdom can make the difference between a great, slimmer you and a not-so-ideal you. If you have found that your lifestyle is not optimal or, even healthy, than a wedding day weight loss plan may not be the best thing for you. You may need to think more long-term about a nutritional lifestyle change. But, for now, here is what you should know for your big day, and a few bits that can help your whole party look and feel better:

Do encourage bridal shower and engagement party planners to incorporate low-fat, healthy food options. Ofttimes, at these affairs that work up to the wedding day, you and your bridal party may eat more than normal. Offering better food choices can benefit everyone involved.

Do make staying hydrated a necessity, before, during, and after your wedding day.No matter what your weight loss goal, making sure that you drink lots of fluids will help keep you from becoming dehydrated which can affect your overall weight loss, mental and physical capabilities.

Do stay focused on achieving your wedding day weight loss goal. There will be so many other things for you to do during that time which could distract you. Commit to do what you set out to do, and you will see yourself starting to lose weight.

Do decrease your high-fat carbohydrate intake. You will be around a lot of food. It is best to steer clear of the butter- and fat-laden breads, and high sugar drinks. These things can offset your weight loss progress.

Do take photos of yourself, before, during, and after your wedding. You may be surprised at how you change through the weigh loss process.

Do get help if you need it. There are so many weight loss support organizations, and you should consider enlisting the aid of a personal trainer for that extra push.

Now, here\'s the flip side....

Don\'t require that your whole wedding party lose weight. Losing weight is a personal decision, whether for a wedding or simply for personal health. Weight loss is not something that should be dictated by others.

Don\'t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Going from a size 14 to a size 4 may not be the healthiest thing for you. Have you considered your spouse-to-be? They love you as you are, so you don\'t want to make your weight loss so dramatic that they \"lose\" the person that they fell in love with.

Don\'t try to lose too much too quickly. Fad diets are for the moment. They may not be the best or healthiest alternatives for you. Weight loss should be steady, 1-2 pounds per week, and something that a lasting effect. Also, don\'t buy a wedding dress that would require you to lose weight in a rushed, unhealthy way.

Don\'t forget the purpose of your wedding. The time leading up to your wedding can be a wonderful time in your life. While weight loss may be a part of your wedding day happiness, it is not the total point of your wedding.

So often, people can get caught up in all of the excitement of weddings, dresses for the bridesmaids, and all of the other things that go along with making a wedding event successful. Keep your weight loss efforts in perspective, along with the other responsibilities that you have. You can effectively lose weight for your wedding day, but don\'t do so at the expense of making that day the time of your life!

Natural Fat Burner : Fat Loss Made Possible

Generally people confuse weight loss with fat loss from the body. This is a serious misunderstanding. Well-being of a person depends on a certain amount of fat in the body. Fat is emergency storage of energy in your body. Indiscriminate fat loss from the body can be dangerous.

Clinically men are considered obese if their body fat level is over 25% and women are considered obese if their body fat level is over 30%; by this reckoning about 60% of population can be categorized as being obese.

A program for fat loss basically has two components; first, cutting down consumption of excess calories which cause a build up of fat in the body and secondly gradually burning off the excess fat the body has acquired in the past. Cutting down on intake of excess calories is a matter of observing healthy diet in a disciplined manner; burning off excess fat from the body is generally done by suitable exercises and it can be supplemented by some dietary practices. Some fat burner preparations are available on the market, but it is advisable to avoid them as far as possible.

Any program for fat loss must incorporate appropriate routine of exercises. Exercising you will undertake is not for building a six-pack body but to help burn the stored fat and at the same time maintain your health. Aerobic exercises and jogging are the barest minimum that you must include in your routines. Exercises increase the rate of metabolism which helps burn off the fat; muscles burn more calories than fat.

Healthy dietary practice would require consumption of appropriate amount of “good” proteins, “good” carbohydrates, and “good” fats. I have used the word “good” deliberately, to be able to clear certain notions people have regarding desirability of certain components of diet.

As I mentioned earlier, exercises are essential for general well-being and also for burning calories. Protein is essential in building muscles. Low fat milk products such as skimmed milk, cottage cheese, yogurt as well as fish are rich in proteins but are low on fat. So they are good proteins.

Similarly carbohydrates are essential for the body as source of energy. Beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains not only supply carbohydrates to the body but they are natural hunger-suppressants because body can consume them slowly. They are also moderate on calories and fats.

Contrary to popular belief certain fatty foods are very helpful to the body. Fatty acids the body can get from eating fish such as Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines and Herrings help regulate blood pressure, they can lower risk of heart failures, and they prevent blood clotting.

Fiber foods hardly contribute any calories, and they are filling. They are natural hunger suppressants. Moreover they are not digested by the body and while passing through the body undigested they help in carrying away some fats and proteins. Apples, beans, broccoli, brown rice, nuts and bran are good fiber foods. Eat adequate fiber food.

While trying to lose fat from the body, drink plenty of water - especially ice cold water. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and it is essential in the process of burning up the stored fat. It helps natural weight loss.

You will see it is possible to achieve fat loss if realistic practical steps are taken.


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