Top 10 Tips To Lose Weight For Your Honeymoon

Everyone wants their wedding and honeymoon to be wonderful life experiences, with the bride and groom looking and feeling their absolute best. While some may set their weight loss goals with only their wedding day in mind, others will be completely focused on dropping the weight for the honeymoon. Honeymoon weight loss is most likely a more intimate type of weight loss expectation, as the goal is usually to have your body appear a certain way for your spouse. Some may simply want to look as sexy as possible, or almost picture perfect. While you should always set realistic weight loss goals, these top 10 tips can help you to lose the weight:

1. Make night time eating a \"no-no\". When you eat late at night, you are taking in calories, but not doing anything to burn them off. This is not good, as frequently eating late is a big contributor to obesity.

2. Make eating breakfast a necessity. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast of lean protein, low-fat carbohydrates, and fruit or vegetables is a key to daily weight loss success. Eating breakfast helps your brain to work better so that you are more productive, helps your body to metabolize your food more efficiently which allows for more calories to be burned, and gives you more energy to do more throughout your day.

3. Don\'t stop eating carbohydrates. Whole grains are an essential part of a healthy diet and are the much needed carbohydrates that our bodies convert into energy. Instead of high fat, low fiber choices such as white bread and fat-laden cakes, select healthier low-fat carbohydrates such as fortified cereals.

4. Don\'t leave off exercise. Exercise is a \"must do\" to achieve weight loss success. When you exercise, your body burns the fat from the foods that you eat more efficiently and also helps in so many other ways, including with your heart and brain. Exercise also has the added benefit of allowing for more targeted workouts to tone and sculpt those problem areas that you want to work on before your wedding and honeymoon.

5. Don\'t spend a lot of time around food. Unless you work in the food industry, limit the amount of time that you spend looking at or around food. Part of any successful honeymoon weight loss plan is to stay focused on your goal. Being around lots of food can offset you and cause you more anguish and uncertainty about your ability to lose the weight.

6. Enjoy more healthy snacks. Many of us think of weight loss as something that will deprive us of good munchies. This is not true. In fact, the opposite is true. When you eat more healthy snacks, more frequently, in smaller portions, your body will actually work better by speeding up your metabolism and causing you to burn more calories more quickly.

7. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause you to want to eat more and drink lots of high calorie beverages. Drink low-calorie, replenishing drinks that can help your body stay refreshed and well-hydrated.

8. Get a nutritional makeover. Make over your mind about the purpose and use of food, and get a better understand of its use in our lives. Eat for health, look for vitamins and nutrients in your food, and don\'t deprive yourself of things that you like. Balance it all out and you will enjoy a healthier way of eating for years to come.

9. Lose for the long-term. Don\'t get too caught up in taking off the weight just for one night. That is sure to leave you feeling empty once that night is over, and may cause you to quickly abandon your new healthier lifestyle. This will actually cause you to gain weight faster.

10. Stay positive. Believe that you can lose the weight. You have to make up in your mind that you are 100% capable of making your honeymoon weight loss goal a reality. Ignore anything to the contrary.

Weddings are wonderful things. Honeymoons can be even more phenomenal. The way that you approach your special day and night will make the all the difference in the world. Being confident in who you are and making the most of this precious time can give you a satisfaction that can last a lifetime.

The Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight for your wedding day, there are a few \"do\'s\" and \"don\'ts\" that you should really consider. These few pearls of wisdom can make the difference between a great, slimmer you and a not-so-ideal you. If you have found that your lifestyle is not optimal or, even healthy, than a wedding day weight loss plan may not be the best thing for you. You may need to think more long-term about a nutritional lifestyle change. But, for now, here is what you should know for your big day, and a few bits that can help your whole party look and feel better:

Do encourage bridal shower and engagement party planners to incorporate low-fat, healthy food options. Ofttimes, at these affairs that work up to the wedding day, you and your bridal party may eat more than normal. Offering better food choices can benefit everyone involved.

Do make staying hydrated a necessity, before, during, and after your wedding day.No matter what your weight loss goal, making sure that you drink lots of fluids will help keep you from becoming dehydrated which can affect your overall weight loss, mental and physical capabilities.

Do stay focused on achieving your wedding day weight loss goal. There will be so many other things for you to do during that time which could distract you. Commit to do what you set out to do, and you will see yourself starting to lose weight.

Do decrease your high-fat carbohydrate intake. You will be around a lot of food. It is best to steer clear of the butter- and fat-laden breads, and high sugar drinks. These things can offset your weight loss progress.

Do take photos of yourself, before, during, and after your wedding. You may be surprised at how you change through the weigh loss process.

Do get help if you need it. There are so many weight loss support organizations, and you should consider enlisting the aid of a personal trainer for that extra push.

Now, here\'s the flip side....

Don\'t require that your whole wedding party lose weight. Losing weight is a personal decision, whether for a wedding or simply for personal health. Weight loss is not something that should be dictated by others.

Don\'t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Going from a size 14 to a size 4 may not be the healthiest thing for you. Have you considered your spouse-to-be? They love you as you are, so you don\'t want to make your weight loss so dramatic that they \"lose\" the person that they fell in love with.

Don\'t try to lose too much too quickly. Fad diets are for the moment. They may not be the best or healthiest alternatives for you. Weight loss should be steady, 1-2 pounds per week, and something that a lasting effect. Also, don\'t buy a wedding dress that would require you to lose weight in a rushed, unhealthy way.

Don\'t forget the purpose of your wedding. The time leading up to your wedding can be a wonderful time in your life. While weight loss may be a part of your wedding day happiness, it is not the total point of your wedding.

So often, people can get caught up in all of the excitement of weddings, dresses for the bridesmaids, and all of the other things that go along with making a wedding event successful. Keep your weight loss efforts in perspective, along with the other responsibilities that you have. You can effectively lose weight for your wedding day, but don\'t do so at the expense of making that day the time of your life!

Natural Fat Burner : Fat Loss Made Possible

Generally people confuse weight loss with fat loss from the body. This is a serious misunderstanding. Well-being of a person depends on a certain amount of fat in the body. Fat is emergency storage of energy in your body. Indiscriminate fat loss from the body can be dangerous.

Clinically men are considered obese if their body fat level is over 25% and women are considered obese if their body fat level is over 30%; by this reckoning about 60% of population can be categorized as being obese.

A program for fat loss basically has two components; first, cutting down consumption of excess calories which cause a build up of fat in the body and secondly gradually burning off the excess fat the body has acquired in the past. Cutting down on intake of excess calories is a matter of observing healthy diet in a disciplined manner; burning off excess fat from the body is generally done by suitable exercises and it can be supplemented by some dietary practices. Some fat burner preparations are available on the market, but it is advisable to avoid them as far as possible.

Any program for fat loss must incorporate appropriate routine of exercises. Exercising you will undertake is not for building a six-pack body but to help burn the stored fat and at the same time maintain your health. Aerobic exercises and jogging are the barest minimum that you must include in your routines. Exercises increase the rate of metabolism which helps burn off the fat; muscles burn more calories than fat.

Healthy dietary practice would require consumption of appropriate amount of “good” proteins, “good” carbohydrates, and “good” fats. I have used the word “good” deliberately, to be able to clear certain notions people have regarding desirability of certain components of diet.

As I mentioned earlier, exercises are essential for general well-being and also for burning calories. Protein is essential in building muscles. Low fat milk products such as skimmed milk, cottage cheese, yogurt as well as fish are rich in proteins but are low on fat. So they are good proteins.

Similarly carbohydrates are essential for the body as source of energy. Beans, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains not only supply carbohydrates to the body but they are natural hunger-suppressants because body can consume them slowly. They are also moderate on calories and fats.

Contrary to popular belief certain fatty foods are very helpful to the body. Fatty acids the body can get from eating fish such as Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines and Herrings help regulate blood pressure, they can lower risk of heart failures, and they prevent blood clotting.

Fiber foods hardly contribute any calories, and they are filling. They are natural hunger suppressants. Moreover they are not digested by the body and while passing through the body undigested they help in carrying away some fats and proteins. Apples, beans, broccoli, brown rice, nuts and bran are good fiber foods. Eat adequate fiber food.

While trying to lose fat from the body, drink plenty of water - especially ice cold water. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and it is essential in the process of burning up the stored fat. It helps natural weight loss.

You will see it is possible to achieve fat loss if realistic practical steps are taken.

Can Weight Loss Supplement Work For Us ?

Can Alli Weight Loss Work For Us ?

Normally following a tight regime of a controlled diet and regular exercises are the measures prescribed for weight loss. Most of the people find it difficult to follow these measures over an extended period.

It is claimed that with Alli you can escape these grating restrictions and can follow near-normal routines; slowly but steadily you can manage to lose weight and lead a healthier life. Alli is a FDA approved OTC weight loss product. Alli is not a dietary supplement; it is claimed to help you lose weight gradually; by working as a fat binder or fat blocker.

Excessive intake of calories causes increase of weight; and fats contribute far more calories in food-intake as compared to proteins and carbohydrates. Fat in our diet is the main culprit in weight gain. When taken in the prescribed manner, the active ingredient of Alli attach themselves to some of the natural enzymes in the digestive system; this prevents these enzymes from breaking down over 25% of the fat you eat. This undigested fat cannot be absorbed by the body and it passes through the body in the natural way. This excess fat is prevented from contributing to weight gain.

Alli only works on enzymes that would normally help in digestion of fat. So carbohydrates and proteins are not affected and these nutrients are absorbed by the body in the normal manner. Alli works only in your digestive system; it does not act on your heart or brain. You would not feel unsettling effects such as sleeplessness, racing heart or jitters which are commonly experienced with other weight loss drugs or supplements.

When you use Alli to lose weight, you may have to observe certain drastic dietary restrictions, depending on your existing diet. Manufacturers of Alli advise you to consume reduced-calorie meals of 15gms or less of fats on an average. For some this may be a rather severe restriction, but that is the price to pay for being able to have the option of slow but steady weight loss leading to a better life.

You may suffer certain side effects such as loose motion, frequent bowel movements, gas, etc. if you do not observe the restriction of 15 gms of fat. Obviously if you are able to adjust to the dietary limitations and put up with the side effects – “treatment effects” as the makers of Alli call them – Alli should be able to work for you.

Natural Weight Loss with Water

Can Water help You lose weight ?

Many people are very skeptical of the suggestion that water can play very effective role in helping them achieve weight loss. Very few people realize that a large proportion of our body is water. Naturally it plays a very important part in our existence. 75% of the lean muscle tissues are water, over 80% of blood is water, body fat and bones account for over 20% of water each. Is it surprising then that water plays a very important role in how our bodies function?

Of course, drinking water alone is not going to help you lose weight. If you desire to lose weight in a gradual but sure way, eating right and drinking right are the two major components of the natural weight loss method.

Remember that “bad” fats are the main culprits causing excess weight – eat “good fats” that provide essential fatty acids; eat Salmon, Mackerel, Herrings, and Sardines. They help regulate blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and lower risk of heart failure.

Good proteins help you in suppressing cravings for food. They are essential in building muscles. Low fat milk products such as skimmed milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and fish are “good“ proteins.

Carbohydrates such as beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are consumed by the body slowly and hence they are natural hunger-suppressants; they are also moderate on fats and calories.

Eat adequate fiber food. Good fiber foods do not contribute much of calories and they are filling. They thus help in suppressing hunger. Moreover fiber does not get digested by the body and while passing through the body it attaches to some of the fats and proteins that we eat; thus they are taken out of the system without being digested! Apples, figs, broccoli, strawberries, brown rice, beans, bran and nuts are good fiber foods.

Water plays two important roles in helping you lose weight. Cravings for food are felt when the body dehydrates; if water is consumed in reasonable and adequate measure it suppresses hunger pangs. Liver provides stored fats for energy; water helps metabolism allowing kidneys to flush out waste. Many people will find it surprising that drinking cold water can burn the extra fat in the body; if you drink ice cold water it uses over 60 calories a day from the body – thus the body has to burn over 420 calories a week to raise the temperature of the ice cold water to the body temperature. What a way to beat that excess fat!

As we see here water plays an important role in you lose weight; it is a natural appetite suppressant, it helps in dieting and generally a major component in natural weight loss practice.

Do The Benefits Of Alli Outweigh The Side Effects?

What is Alli anyway? It is an FDA approved OTC weight reduction product available in the form of pills. Its main component is chemical. It is not a medicine, it is not a dietary supplement, it is not a fat burner; it is a fat blocker or fat binder. It is a relatively new product and is definitely one of the popular weight loss products on the market today.

Since excess calories happen to be the main cause of weight gain and fat is the major contributor of the excess calories, blocking the fat from being digested definitely helps in reduction of weight and Alli aims to do that.

Alli acts by blocking about 25% of the fats eaten by you from being acted upon by enzymes so that it is not digested. This undigested fat passes through your body in the natural way. Since it prevents fat from being digested, its effectiveness in weight reduction is called as “instant” action.

Alli starter kits advise that you should limit your meals to a reduced-calorie diet of 15 gms of fat each. If you are not able to restrict yourself to the 15-calorie limit per meal, manufacturer’s literature points out (not “warns”) that you may experience side effects which the makers of Alli call as “treatment effects”.

The vastly popular McDonald’s Big Mac has 34 grams of fat, and the Burger King Whopper has 40; they leave the limit of 15 gms specified by Alli miles behind so far as fat content is considered. It is obvious that to avoid the “treatment effects” successfully you may have to drastically alter your diet and reconsider the way you have your meals now.

These restrictions on your life style are bad enough, but if you happen to stray to the wrong side of the 15 gm-“barrier”, you may have very unpleasant consequences to face. Alli literature refers to these consequences as “treatment effects” but in layman’s simple language it means that you may suffer uncontrollable bowel movements, loose stools, very frequent visits to “loo”, “farting” with oily discharge, etc.

Alli has been clinically tested and approved so obviously its claims of helping you to lose weight are not in dispute here. What we wish to point out is that it is for the individual to decide how far he or she can reap the benefits of Alli without suffering from its side effects.

Hoodia and Appetite suppression

Look on the web and you will find hundreds of appetite suppressants all claiming to do the same thing, but have you ever looked closely into how they work?

On the one hand you have got natural appetite suppressants such as Proactol and UniqueHoodia that can help you to cut your meal portions without causing your body harm.

But then you have got others that work by chemically altering your brain signals, and affecting your health as a whole.

Take for example Reductil and Phentermine. Proven to help consumers lose a steady weight loss of 1-2lbs a week, alongside these benefits consumers can also expect to experience a range of other effects. And not all of the positive kind:

• Palpitations, breathlessness, racing heart, stomach cramps, diarrhoea – and these are only the tame ones.

Some of their less common side effects include coronary heart disease AND liver/pancreatic disease, not exactly inspiring.

So what can you do?

Well for a start we recommend that you do the research and check out the history of your supplement first, before investing.

Take the natural appetite suppressants mentioned above.

Alongside their ability to effectively suppress your appetite - Proactol has been proven to:

• Reduce your dietary fat intake by 28%
• Decrease your calories intake by 450 calories a day.

And UniqueHoodia has been found to:

• 10,000 times stronger than glucose at suppressing your appetite
• Reduce your food intake by 50%
• Cut your calorie intake by 2,000 calories

Plus to top it all they are 100% side effect free.

What more can you ask for?

Offer your body a natural solution to weight loss.

Compare all these supplements together and UniqueHoodia can offer you real credible results. Even more so than well renowned herbal supplement Proactol.

And these figures offered by UniqueHoodia are not just a statement either.

UniqueHoodia has been tried, tested and has been clinically proven to produce these results – something that not many Hoodia Gordonii supplements can offer.

Order your packet of UniqueHoodia today.

Fast Weight Loss That Matters

Excessive weight in a person could be the result of heredity or genetic disorder (which is beyond the person\'s control); it may have resulted from the person’s food habits, life style, the nature of work and activities the person routinely engages in, etc. Except in cases of genetic disorders or heredity, generally you gain weight over a long period of time and with reasonable awareness towards your well-being there is generally no reason for you to look for ways to achieve fast weight loss.

Excess weight condition matters; so weight loss also matters. Why should fast weight loss matter? And for whom does the fast rate matter?

There are two categories of people who look for fast weight loss methods - those who are very obese and have recently become conscious of danger to their health and those who are taken in by those very “alluring but misleading” advertisements showing that you could become super models by following the slimming courses for two or three weeks.

Health experts agree that an average person can lose about 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week by correct eating habits and reasonable exercises. This is a safe and healthy amount to lose; you could achieve long lasting results in this way. By adopting additional safe methods such as use of Proactol, a fat binder OTC product, you may be able to lose safely about 2 to 3 pounds per week; that itself would be high weight loss rate.

I know many would be keen on losing weight at much higher rate - something like 10 to 15 pounds a week. However take a moment to think. Do you gain weight at anything like 10 to 15 pounds a week steadily? You don\'t because your body cannot. And if your body cannot add weight at that rate, it will not be able to lose at that rate either without ill effects.

By going on a starvation diet to lose weight at an unrealistic rate, all that you manage to lose is your muscles, body fluids - water - , your sleep and money, of course! Achieving fast weight loss is violating the natural rhythm of your body. Quite often it is seen that such drastic results of weight loss achieved are equally rapidly negated.

As I said earlier, there are those cases of extreme obesity whose need for faster weight loss may be reasonable because of health concerns. Bariatric surgery may be the answer to the prayer of these obese patients. In these weight loss surgery techniques, called gastric bypass and laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (\"Lap Band\"), the capacity of the stomach is surgically reduced or limited. This limits the quantity of food the patient is able to eat. This automatically restricts the tendency of the body to have a craving for food and also restricts weight gain. Most of the persons are able to return to their normal work after a few weeks.

Is Quick Weight Loss Possible?

Lose considerable weight quickly by a pill. This is a concept that you may have often come across while watching TV. Is this really a true promise. How will you identify a true promise of such ads. Watch out diet pill commercials for the below cited things:

• Do they suggest diet and work out plan?
• What are the pill’s side effects?

Most of these quick weight loss pills have small effect without exercise and diet. Dieticians have designed these pills to supplement exercise and diet.

All fast weight loss drugs and pills have possible side effects, since they are all an unfamiliar substance to an individual’s body. The most common side effect of these quick weight loss pills is anal discharge. If you have sense this, then immediately consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Companies assert these truths on the ads, but few commercials are misleading. For instance, I have witnessed the disclaimer in a latest ad that declared the physician, who promoted the product as a PhD and not an MD. Will you trust such company’s products for your quick weight loss. If not, you are a clever person.

There had been a little success from genuine research studies to reveal any herbal or modern pill responsible for quick weight loss. Secondly, a few people suggest that natural supplement is beneficial in the process of weight loss and natural weight loss pills are the ideal way to get rid of excessive fats. Similarly, other few people say that modern pills are great way to reduce your weight noticeably. Yet, in both these cases, you swallow foreign substances.

Furthermore, these natural and unnatural products really do not go with your body in the process of quick weight loss, if they are unapproved by the FDA.


Today, weight loss pills necessitate you to eat healthy and well-balanced meal and to carry regular exercise and at the same time, you can expect a few side effects. In the near future, researchers may come with a fruitful idea to make quick weight loss pills or drugs to reduce the weight without any side effects and extra efforts.

Today, however it seems there is only a false hope. In any case, if these quick weight loss pills work, then why there are fatty people found in the world. Sometimes, we believe in these quick weight loss pills very deeply that we pay no heed to the facts.

Hoodia vs., the BBC, their take on the miracle supplement 6 years on

The BBC may have traveled deep into the Kalahari Desert over 6 years ago in order to get a 1-on-1 experience of Hoodia Gordonii, but the strength of their report is still being felt today.

With the obesity levels reaching epidemic proportion, BBC news reporter Tom Mangold took on the challenge of unravelling the truth behind this appetite suppressant and the results they produced worked to bring greater confidence in this unique supplement.

Breaking it down into its fundamentals, it cannot be denied that the BBC has probably provided one of the best overviews to date, of this supplement within the media.

From their description on how it works to make the hypothalamus believe the body is full, to their own experimentation with this supplement, their report may have been one of the earliest of its kind, but the content consumers can gather from this one report is incredible.

Within this report readers can discover:

• That Hoodia Gordonii is rare and originates from the Kalahari Desert
• The process of P57’s discover by Phytopharm
• How Hoodia Gordonii works – 10,000 times more powerful than glucose, Hoodia makes the nerve cells in the brain believe you are full when you are not.
• The Clinical trials that had so far been conducted on the supplement (at that time)
• How Hoodia can reduce your calorie intake by 1,000 calories a day
• How Hoodia Gordonii is side effect free

The BBC even went a step further by trying the Hoodia Gordonii plant themselves.

Now whilst the strength of their facts are accurate, they also clearly display what is missing with their ending statement: the growing number of fake Hoodia Gordonii supplements on the web.

And this was 6 years ago! The market you see before you today is even worse.

You see, their report was written at a time when Hoodia Gordonii was new and fresh to the market. When it was still in clinical trials.

With this information hanging over the heads of manufacturer’s, it was harder for fake Hoodia supplements to sold.

But today is a much different story. The clinical trials are all done… meaning unless consumers have got all the right tools to enable them to find real Hoodia Gordonii, then the likelihood that they may invest in a fake product is incredible.

Proof of the severity of this subject can be seen in the fact that leading laboratory testers Alkemist Pharmaceuticals discovered - of the hundreds they tested – that 80% of Hoodia products were either the wrong type of Hoodia (only the Hoodia Gordonii plant contains the active molecule P57) or were not 100% pure, unaltered Hoodia Gordonii.

So what are you to do? Research.

You see there are other more effective ways of checking your Hoodia Gordonii supplement to see whether it is real or not:

Medical Backing: Has it been tested by Alkemist Pharmaceuticals? Check the products certificates to see who tested it. A study is not enough. It needs to be an independent company.

CITES Certificate: What is its country of origin? Only South Africa grow and export genuine Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii grown in another country will be less effective.

Price: Due overharvesting Hoodia Gordonii is rare, making it expensive to export. For this reason check the products price. If it is cheap, it is cheap for a reason. It is not real.

Ingredients: for genuine Hoodia Gordonii, only the core of the plant must be used. Besides its gelatin capsules, there should be no other ingredients on the ingredients list.

Experience Genuine Hoodia Gordonii Laboratory tested, and medically backed by numerous companies across the media UniqueHoodia can offer you the proof and the documentation, to back the credibility of their appetite suppressant capsule.

In one compact package, consumers can experience the benefits of:
• 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii
• A calorie reduction of 2,000 calories a day
• 10,000 times the productivity of glucose at suppressing your appetite
• Increased energy and self esteem.

Order your packet of UniqueHoodia today.

*PLEASE NOTE: Consumers should be careful to follow a healthy and nutritious diet whilst taking this supplement, and should not go without eating.

The Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Hundreds and thousands of individuals shed weight problems by natural way without the fear of any side effects. By drawing the power of natural herbals and supplements, you can also lose your weight considerably.

Natural weight loss by means of herbals and supplements is often effective as well as safe, if you make use of it avidly. By natural weight loss, you not only loose unhealthy and needless weight, but also ensure to safeguard your body during the process.

Natural weight loss supplement is very effective in the process of reducing the calorie consumption and thereby increases the chances to reduce substantial weight. Before you visit to your closest pharmacy for any natural weight loss supplements, consider a few guidelines while selecting weight loss supplements. For instance :

• Read the Constituents Thoroughly: A few natural weight loss supplements contain constituents such as ephedra alias ephedrine that links to several illnesses and side- effects. Sometimes, it may cause seizures, stokes, and heart attacks.

• Watch out For Addiction: Natural weight loss supplements that include amphetamine may trigger withdrawal symptoms, while you decide to stop the medicines. Sometimes, you may develop addiction of these pills making it unable to discontinue these medications. The long-term usage of any weight loss pills results in the development of various side effects.

Natural Way to Cut Down Your Weight :

If you are confused to decide the best natural weight loss supplement, look at the below cited medications :

Hoodia :
You can consider this diet capsule to get rid of your obesity problems naturally. Recently, researchers have found that supplements in Hoodia features high potential to reduce an individual’s weight significantly. It has the capacity to restrain your appetite by up to 2000 calories each day. It has all the organic and natural constituents and is the outcome of a research lasting three decades by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa.

Opuntia Ficus-Indica :
Another most valuable natural weight loss supplements to reduce your weight. It is also called as Barbary or Indian Fig, belongs to the cacti category grown mainly for its fruit. It is very effective in the process of weight loss. Researchers have proved that cacti fibers are of great use, when it encounters excess fat. It holds it up instantly and creates big molecule for your body to take up. In addition, this process helps to reduce the cholesterol level in your bloodstream.

Shellfish :
It greatly helps to reduce your weight above your expected level. It is advisable by the dieticians to consume thrice in a week to get a positive outcome.

Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

If you add the below mentioned weight loss tips in your day-to-day lifestyle, you will not only feel better, but also look better. Avoid trying to do all these weight loss tips at once, since they do not work well with everybody.

Pick one, and practice it for a week, see if you are comfortable, if not choose another one. If you really want to reduce your weight, then have patience since you may have to wait at least three months to witness the positive outcomes of your weight loss programs.

A few Effective Weight loss Tips :

Below cited are some of the weight loss tips that will help you to cut down the additional pounds that you gained due to an improper diet plan.

1. This is the most vital and natural weight loss tips according to many dieticians. It is advisable to take fruits and vegetables, since they contain beneficial vitamins, fibers and antioxidants.

2. Eating ample of fresh fruits is one of the most effective weight loss tips. This is especially of great use when you eat these fruits between mealtimes. Since, this helps to regulate your sugar level and cravings.

3. Have fresh vegetables with everyday lunch and evening mealtime. Avoid mixing of proteins with starch.

4. Maintain meat consumption to less than 4 to 5 servings a week, which means you need to take vegetarian dishes too.

5. Replace meat with legumes, but begin gradually. You can make use of lentils, peas, and dry beans.

6. Avoid drinking liquids during mealtime. If you feel thirsty, try to drink a bottle of water after 10 minutes.

7. If you take less amount of meal, it may help to balance your intake of calorie level. Beside this, it keeps your sugar level well balanced. Instead of having three big meals a day, it is advisable and beneficial to have 5 to 6 light and small meals all through the day.

8. Pop, cream, juices and sugar in your tea or coffee can add up your weight. Instead, drink at least eight glasses of water each day, since it provides hydration to your body and helps to feel full.

9. Most dieticians also suggest 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise daily to remain healthy and to cut down those extra pounds.

10. If you really want to cut down your weight, you need to avoid alcohol. Since, these substances are rich in calorie and add additional weight on your body.

What Are The Top 10 Diets ?

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is the most admired of the top 10 diets. This low-carbohydrate diet encourages the elimination of carbohydrates from your diet. The diet really works and you can munch as much as fats and proteins you want. However, before starting this diet, study a bit to know the suitability of this diet for your body.

South Beach Diet

This diet is one of the most successful of the top 10 diets to lose weight. It is not a low-fat or low-carb diet. Instead, it focuses on consuming the correct amount of fats and carbs. The diet depends on the glycemic index. It limits the intake of carbs in the initial two weeks and then re-introduces those carbs with a low glycemic index. You need to eat three healthy meals daily, along with some snacks, provided they are healthy enough.

Cabbage Soup Diet

It is also one of the effective of the top 10 diets. The diet contains insignificant amount of calories. You will observe instant weight loss, if you stick to cabbage soup diet for a week. The more soup you consume, more pounds you drop.

Grapefruit Diet

This is the finest weight loss diet for obese people. The advantages of this diet arrive from the addition of grapefruit to a low-calorie and low-fat diet.

SlimFast Diet

This is also one of the superior of the top 10 diets. The diet restores your breakfast and lunch meals, with two SlimFast shakes, and puts ahead for a usual meal for dinner. These low calorie shakes will help you to lose weight.

Other Superior Diets :

Subway Diet

It is also a well-known diet of the top 10 diets. The low fat content in the Subway sandwiches assist you to lose weight.

The Beverly Hills Diet

This diet reaps the benefits of the natural chemical reaction of foods when consumed to lose weight. The diet is quite strict, as protein needs to go with proteins and carbohydrates with carbohydrates only. The diet is exceptionally restrictive, but motivates rapid weight loss.

3-Day Diet

This is also one of best of top 10 diets. The diet can be ideal to lose weight, if you can follow a three-day meal plan without wandering from it.

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

This is one of the sensitive diets of the top 10 diets. Hence, you need to follow it carefully. It is a low-calorie diet, which stimulates quick weight loss.

Negative Calorie Diet

This is one of the ultimate types of diet among the top 10 diets to reduce weight. It includes addition of healthy vegetables to your diet as much as possible.

Can Slimming World Work For Me ?

We are what we eat. Food is essential for us to give stimulation and hence, to supply energy to the body and to provide substances to repair and build tissues and supply them to control body processes. As we know, the basic groups of nutrients are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water. Healthy eating along with good exercise will help to keep you in shape and healthy.

The Slimming World Food Optimizing Diet promotes weight loss through calorie restriction in the diet. A healthy eating diet is encouraged to be active rather than exercise. A proper diet is required to be a part of slimming world.

Slimming World Diet Plan:

It is important to keep a weekly diet plan under the Slimming World Food Optimizing plan:

1. Start from The First Day of the Week - Monday: Start your slimming world weekly plan with a trip to a fruit section in a supermarket. You can have a tangerine for breakfast and healthy drink. Try to avoid coffee. For lunch, enjoy a lean turkey sandwich, amongst other options. Now for the last meal of day that is dinner, you can get skinless chicken breast with broccoli and a piece of fruit for desert.

2. Second Day - Tuesday: The second day of your slimming world diet plan will have a bran muffin with a glass of juice for breakfast. You can eat chicken for lunch. Dinner will be stir-fried vegetables.

3. Third Day – Wednesday: Bran cereal for breakfast, lunchtime with salad, and you can also go for meatballs with little moderation.

4. Fourth Day – Thursday: Do you like Oatmeal? It is a part of a healthy breakfast. For lunch, you can have spaghetti. For Dinner, you can have a delicious bowl of soup.

5. Fifth Day – Friday: You can get yourself a piece of toast and glass of milk. A tuna sandwich is best for lunch. Moreover, for dinner, you can have a veggie burger. Try to avoid fries.

6. Sixth Day – Saturday: It is the weekend and it is your time. Make eggs Benedict for breakfast with a muffin. You can have bean soup for lunch and a veggie salad for dinner meal.

7. Seventh Day- Sunday: For breakfast, you can enjoy a bagel with a glass of milk. Mixed green salad for lunch is preferred. For dinner, you can go for fish soup.

This is just an example of a dietary plan for the week, this can be changed and adapted, as there are loads of ideas within the program.

The Suddenly Slim Diet

Most people think of diet pills and starvation diets as dependable ways of fast weight loss. However, these methods are not advisable; they cause many harmful side effects. You need to lose weight safely, effectively and with no side effects. The Suddenly Slim diet plan offers a fast weight loss.

It is a natural cure for weight loss. It uses herbal products as meal replacement shakes, supplements and diet pills which suppress appetite, increase energy level and metabolism rate and also detoxify the body. This results in burning of excess calories and loss of weight.
One of the techniques used in this plan is called calorie shifting. You eat in a constantly changing routine so that the body cannot adjust to a routine; this way the body metabolism is increased and results in increased fat burning and eventually reduction in weight. For ten days the dieter takes diet pills and drinks meal replacement shakes. The shakes reduce hunger but provide the body necessary important nutrients. To promote health and weight loss, the diet pills and supplements contain soy protein, caffeine, green tea, etc.

There are certain conditions under which this plan is not advisable. This plan will not suit diabetics and those with high blood pressure; a fairly large amount of fructose in the meal replacement shakes may be unhealthy for diabetics and the caffeine may have bad effect on high blood pressure patients. It is advisable for the dieter to seek medical practitioner’s advice before embarking on this diet plan.

Of course, while on Suddenly Slim Diet, keep off the junk food and untimely snacks also. And exercises are essential even when on the suddenly slim diet. Especially light cardio exercises for about 30 minutes a day for at least three times a week can help you keep up the metabolism and help your weight loss routines.

And drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water; apart from helping the body functions water helps you keep away from food cravings by suppressing appetite.

Many dieters who have used this diet plan have experienced that they lost weight in the plan period but when the plan ended they regained the weight. To achieve a lasting weight loss it does require commitment to healthy eating habits and regular exercising which takes you to natural weight loss.

It is difficult to achieve a lasting effect of weight loss in a short period of ten days. That is why many consider the suddenly slim diet plan as a fad.

Raw Food Diet and Weight Loss

It is believed that if food is heated to over 116 deg. F enzymes which assist in digestion and absorption of the food are destroyed. Raw food diet is based on the use of uncooked and unprocessed plant food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, seed, sprouts, grains, nuts, dried fruits, etc.

To derive the full benefit of raw food diet our diet must comprise at least 75 % of the raw and living components.

Raw food is low on saturated fats and components of hydrogenated oils as compared to the conventional diet. It has low sodium content and is richer in magnesium, folate and potassium. It has higher fiber content and it contains phytochemicals which are health promoting plant chemicals.

Raw food diet has less fat, less calories.Raw food has many benefits. It improves digestion and improves skin appearance. It gives increased energy and it reduces risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. It can lead to healthy weight loss.

What can you eat in Raw Food Diet

Use organic and unprocessed items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, seeds, fruits. Grains, nuts, legumes, dried fruits, seaweed are permitted. Purified water and young cocoanut milk are also permitted.

What cooking techniques can be used

Food should not be heated to 116 deg. F; such high temperature heating destroys the enzymes and the beneficial properties of raw food. Sprouting of beans, seeds and grains make them easier on digestion at the same time providing their flavor and variety. Similarly you can soak nuts and dried fruits. Juicing of fruits and vegetables as well as blending with other items will add variety to diet. You can use dehydrated food also.


Raw food diet is basically very healthy but some people who have been previously used to diets rich in meat, caffeine or sugar may have mild but harmless reactions when they start on raw food diet. They may experience nausea, headaches or cravings for a few days. Raw food diet is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women or children. It is not suitable for anemic persons and persons suffering from osteoporosis.

Raw food diet may be found to be deficient in proteins, calories, vitamins B12. It may be deficient in certain minerals such as calcium and iron. You may consult your physician for suitable supplements.

Criticism of Raw Food Diet

Apart fro nutritional deficiencies of raw food diet, critics are against the basic premise about the foot being unsuitable if heated to over 116 deg F because of destruction of enzymes. Critics argue our bodies do use their own enzymes and are not dependent on enzymes from the raw food.

It is also argued that raw food diet may not be suitable for people in colder climate.

The Size Zero Pill – Friend or Foe?

Size Zero Pill – what a mysterious name for a drug! Well, it’s not really an official name the pill goes under, but it has got this nickname! This drug is being used for losing weight rapidly. The name “Size Zero Pill” obviously has a reference to the dress size, Size Zero – the limit in the smallest size dress. Diet pills such as the Size 0 Diet pill are often advertised as miracle weight loss products.

This is a drug that is being used by celebrities as a means of losing weight fast. Apparently it is being used by many Hollywood celebrities to achieve that gaunt look that is considered to be the “in thing”. Recently somebody commented that the one thing that is common among five of the top celebrity “poster” girls in Hollywood is that they “look seriously underweight, have chicken wing arms, have protruding hip and chest bones and deflated, sagging breasts”.

Use of drugs such as the Size Zero pill among the Hollywood celebrity set has been going on for some time but it is only now that it is being talked of openly. Chemically the Size Zero Pill is known as Clenbuterol. This drug was not intended for human consumption; it was produced and used as a drug for horses suffering from Asthma.

How Does It Work

This drug raises the body temperature and increases the rate at which the blood is pumped around the body. This helps burn fat and it has the effect of suppressing appetite for up to nine hours.

Another drug in the same category is Adderall; it is a drug generally prescribed for students to help them get through their examinations by helping to focus their minds. But it is also being increasingly used for losing weight; its side effect is that it causes eating disorders.

Its Dangers

Use of drugs such as Clenbuterol or Adderall can have many serious side effects such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Extreme Anxiety, Panic Attacks, etc.

When it comes to losing weight, there are several other products available on the market and taken with necessary precautions they are quite safe and effective. There are slimming pills, there are fat burning diets and pills, there are fat blocking products such as proactol, and many more.

You choose your friends and you make your foes. For those who seriously –and nor frivolously – desire to lose weight, they know that you cannot sacrifice your health at the altar of losing weight. They can choose their friendly methods to achieve their objective. Those who have frivolous ideas about weight loss are more likely to choose their foes such as size zero pills!

Weight Loss Pills In The News

Health concerns and desire to look attractive are two major factors that are driving the weight loss industry. Some people are tempted to use OTC medications and weight loss pills to achieve fast results. It should be realized that there is no magic formula or magic wand for losing weight. Healthy eating, low-calorie foods and regular physical activity are the effective ways to lose weight and keep it off.

Remember that even if you take weight loss pills it will be necessary to consume low calorie diet. Also remember that taking pills forever for controlling weight is neither practical nor safe.

Here we shall look at some of the popular weight loss pills presently in the news:

Ma Huang
Bitter orange

• Clenbuterol

This drug has been in the news recently under its nickname Size Zero Pill or Size 0 pill. It has earned the nickname because of the extremely undernourished and starved look of some of the fashion icons in Hollywood who have been using this pill. This drug is not meant for human consumption; it is a FDA approved drug for treatment of horses. This drug increases heart rate and body temperature thus help burn fat; it suppresses appetite for as long as nine hours after its consumption. It is an extremely unsafe drug.

• Alli

Alli is not a medicine; it is a fat burner or fat blocker. It is a FDA approved OTC weight reduction product. Weight gain is caused by excess calorie intake, and consumption of fat is the main cause of excess calorie intake, Alli blocks about 25 % of the fat consumed from being digested; the undigested fat passes through the body in the natural way. Since the fat is prevented from being digested, Alli is effective in weight loss.

When you use Alli you are required to limit your meals to 15 gms of fat each, failing which you are likely to have extremely unpleasant side reactions such as bowel movements, loose stools, very frequent visits to “loo”, “farting” with oily discharge, etc.

Since even a popular burger exceeds Alli’s limit of permissible fat content, it is a serious limitation the dieter has to contend with.

• Xenical

Alli and Xenical are similar; their composition is the same so their limitations and usefulness (!) will be similar.

• Ephedra

Ephedra (ephedrine alkaloid) used in dietary supplements suppresses the appetite. Many popular products used for weight control were found to be using Ephedra at one time. However, it has now been totally banned due to safety concerns. In spite of the ban many ephedra products are still sold on the Internet. Many athletes considered Ephedrine as a performance-enhancing drug. Due to safety concerns it has been prohibited in most competitive sports.

• Ma Huang

This is the Chinese name for Ephedra. It also has been banned in USA.

• Bitter Orange

This non-prescription OTC product is claimed to increases the number of calories burned and thus help weight loss. It is being sold as a substitute for Ephedra. It may also cause health problems as Ephedra does. Its long term effects are not known.


This is an extract from a cactus-like succulent plant from deserts of South Africa. It is being sold as natural appetite suppressant. This has not been evaluated for safety, effectiveness, or purity by the FDA and it is a potentially risky product for weight loss.

What Is the Smash Diet?

Hypertension is a malady many people suffer from. The optimum level of blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg and blood pressure even slightly over this level is considered as a sign of unhealthy state. Higher your blood pressure above normal, the greater is the risk to your health.It is known that diet does influence conditions of hypertension and certain diet plans can help in lowering the elevated blood pressure. This dietary approach to controlling hypertension is called "DASH", short for "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension".

Is It Really Effective

Studies, supported by NHLBI (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute), were conducted to evaluate effects of nutrients, as they occur together in food, on blood pressure. This study was the basis for DASH. The study showed that a diet which was low in saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol and rich in low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits dramatically reduced the elevated blood pressures. Incidentally this diet is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium, as well as fiber and protein.

In the clinical tests, the DASH diet, which is rich in vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy foods but low in amounts of saturated fat, total fat, and cholesterol, brought down systolic blood pressure on an average by about 6 mm Hg and the diastolic blood pressure by about 3 mm Hg. In case of patients with hypertension the diet worked even better --11 mm Hg drop in the systolic and about 6 mm Hg in the diastolic. Significantly these reductions came about within 2 weeks of starting the DASH diet!

What Is Permitted In Smash

The DASH diet plan is rich in many nutrients. It is beneficial not only conditioned of high blood pressure but for general healthiness also. If you follow the recommended 2000 calories a day diet plan, your body will be getting 500 mg of magnesium, 1240 mg of calcium and 4700 mg of potassium; these amounts are 200% to 300% of what most Americans get in their normal diet.

Relation between hypertension and being overweight has been known for long. It's quite natural, therefore, to find that the diet suggested for reducing blood pressure has shades of a diet normally associated with natural cure for weight loss. Many components of the DASH diet plan such as low saturated fat, total fat and use of a large amount of low-fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits which include fiber and proteins are similar to a natural weight loss diet plan.

The DASH plan gives detailed diet plans corresponding to different levels of calorie intake intended. It's quite easy to adapt the DASH plan for weight loss or fast weight loss by selecting the suggested DASH diet for calorie intake which is less than what one is already taking.Please note, however, that if you're taking medication for hypertension condition, don't stop the therapeutic treatment you're receiving when you start on DASH diet plan; consult your physician about the drug treatment.

Natural Weight Loss And marriages

When you're planning for your wedding, it seems like your whole life moves very fast on occasion, and extreme slow at other times. The same holds true for when someone tries to slenderize for their wedding day. While wedding day weight loss is a common thing, as most people want to look as fabulous as possible on their special day, it should be done in a very natural way. Many weddings are marked by the wedding ceremony party trying to squeeze into small dresses to look as \"good\" as they think they can look. But, ofttimes, this is done at an expense to their bodies and overall well-being. Weight loss should never be a rush-rush thing. It should happen as naturally as possible.

Natural weight loss is a much safer and healthier way to slim down for your wedding day, or any day. Melting off doesn't take all types of new drugs or expensive equipment. As a matter of fact, being dependant on such things can actually be a hindrance for long-term weight loss success.

Here are a few ways to make your wedding day weight loss goals happen naturally:

1. Do not use drugs to lose weight. Rather than harmful drugs, try to start with a natural body cleanse, which you can do by drinking more water and/or herb tea. Tea can work as a diuretic and antioxidant, which promotes frequent urination which can help to rid your body of certain unwanted radicals. Eating more roughage such as dark green vegetables and fiber can help you to eliminate more waste from your body, allowing the body to cleanse itself naturally. With a fairly clean inside, you will lose some weight and your body will be prepped for a more fitter regimen.

2. Be honest about your goal. Do not make yourself think that you've to lose enough weight to be the skinniest person at the wedding. Consider the ultimate purpose and goal of your weight loss, your body type, and the rewards of a real plan to lose weight for the long run. Doing it too fast can definitely cause much more harm than good. The faster you lose it, the faster you may gain it back. Utilize a plan that works consistently over a specified period of time.

3. Find support. Whether it is for motivation for with sticking with an exercise program or for encouragement to eat better, if you feel that you cannot go it alone, get help. There are many organizations that foster positive, natural weight loss ideals that you can live by. These groups will give be there for you emotionally during this time as you make a personal commitment to lose the weight. If you need more assistance with developing or incorporating an effective exercise plan into your life, then you should seek out a personal trainer. Some gyms offer them gratis, while others charge an hourly fee. Do not let the cost scare you away from utilizing a personal trainer. The results of that added support will be priceless.

Whenever we prepare for life changes, we sometimes want a quick fix to make the transition go smoother. The same holds true with wedding day weight loss. However, a quick fix is not always the best solution. So, as you prepare for an awesome wedding day, and hopefully, and even more wonderful wedding night, take the same care and planning for your weight loss. Looking good can be a natural thing.

How to Slim Down Before the Big Day

Wedding day weight loss can be a very challenging fete. It takes a lot patience, commitment, exercising, and change to achieve weight loss success. While it is not an easy task, it's absolutely attainable.

Your wedding day is such a special day. For most, it will be the most significant event of their lives. Weddings are usually highly planned, greatly anticipated, and quite costly. From photographers to wedding dress*, on that point is so a good deal to consider. But do not let all of the details keep you from looking the way that you wanton away your great day.

Here are a few simple steps to help you to slim down before you say, \"I do\":

1. Plan to exercise. By incorporating some aerobic, anaerobic and strength training exercise into your life, you'll be able to burn the calories off. Don\'t overdo it. Start slowly with shorter workouts at the start, maybe even by sneaking exercise into your daily life, such as adding more walking and stair-climbing at first. Then, make longer and more body toning workouts. Exercise will not only help you to look good, you will feel good also. You should also consider working closely with a personal trainer that can tailor an effective program to your individual needs.

2. Be sure to eat right. While this is usually easier said than done, eating right is a key to any kinda weight loss. You need no doubt to have a diet rich in lean protein, low-fat carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Different than popular belief, when you are trying to slim down, you should eat smaller meals more frequently. Eating healthy foods, in smaller portions, more frequently throughout the day will help to increase your metabolism. When you increase your metabolism, you burn more calories faster. So, you slim down.

3. Be realistic about your weight loss goals. When you get married, people are looking you, the outside you, and the inside you. Your guests will likely be people that you've some type of relationship with and that are there are to celebrate this wonderful moment. They know that you're not rail thin. Many may have watched you through the years. Going from a size 20 to a size 2 wouldn't only be shocking for them, it could also take away from the importance of the day. Set a weight loss goal that will make you feel good about yourself regardless of whether everyone notices. You'll know and your spouse-to-be will absolutely know.

4. Do not rush to snap overnight. Healthy weight loss isn't a one-day or one-week thing. It's something that should be done gradually, over an extended time period. So, plan your weight loss accordingly. Expect to lose between 1-2 pounds per week for healthy, long-term weight loss. Join a weight loss support group if you feel that you need that added help and direction.
Your wedding day will be great, possibly even awesome. Your photos will be gorgeous, and your guests will remember it for years to come. Slim down properly, at a pace that you can keep up with, and keep it off. By shedding a few pounds, you could possibly become an even more arresting knock-out at your wedding, but do it wisely.


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