Can Weight Loss Supplement Work For Us ?

Can Alli Weight Loss Work For Us ?

Normally following a tight regime of a controlled diet and regular exercises are the measures prescribed for weight loss. Most of the people find it difficult to follow these measures over an extended period.

It is claimed that with Alli you can escape these grating restrictions and can follow near-normal routines; slowly but steadily you can manage to lose weight and lead a healthier life. Alli is a FDA approved OTC weight loss product. Alli is not a dietary supplement; it is claimed to help you lose weight gradually; by working as a fat binder or fat blocker.

Excessive intake of calories causes increase of weight; and fats contribute far more calories in food-intake as compared to proteins and carbohydrates. Fat in our diet is the main culprit in weight gain. When taken in the prescribed manner, the active ingredient of Alli attach themselves to some of the natural enzymes in the digestive system; this prevents these enzymes from breaking down over 25% of the fat you eat. This undigested fat cannot be absorbed by the body and it passes through the body in the natural way. This excess fat is prevented from contributing to weight gain.

Alli only works on enzymes that would normally help in digestion of fat. So carbohydrates and proteins are not affected and these nutrients are absorbed by the body in the normal manner. Alli works only in your digestive system; it does not act on your heart or brain. You would not feel unsettling effects such as sleeplessness, racing heart or jitters which are commonly experienced with other weight loss drugs or supplements.

When you use Alli to lose weight, you may have to observe certain drastic dietary restrictions, depending on your existing diet. Manufacturers of Alli advise you to consume reduced-calorie meals of 15gms or less of fats on an average. For some this may be a rather severe restriction, but that is the price to pay for being able to have the option of slow but steady weight loss leading to a better life.

You may suffer certain side effects such as loose motion, frequent bowel movements, gas, etc. if you do not observe the restriction of 15 gms of fat. Obviously if you are able to adjust to the dietary limitations and put up with the side effects – “treatment effects” as the makers of Alli call them – Alli should be able to work for you.


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