Do The Benefits Of Alli Outweigh The Side Effects?

What is Alli anyway? It is an FDA approved OTC weight reduction product available in the form of pills. Its main component is chemical. It is not a medicine, it is not a dietary supplement, it is not a fat burner; it is a fat blocker or fat binder. It is a relatively new product and is definitely one of the popular weight loss products on the market today.

Since excess calories happen to be the main cause of weight gain and fat is the major contributor of the excess calories, blocking the fat from being digested definitely helps in reduction of weight and Alli aims to do that.

Alli acts by blocking about 25% of the fats eaten by you from being acted upon by enzymes so that it is not digested. This undigested fat passes through your body in the natural way. Since it prevents fat from being digested, its effectiveness in weight reduction is called as “instant” action.

Alli starter kits advise that you should limit your meals to a reduced-calorie diet of 15 gms of fat each. If you are not able to restrict yourself to the 15-calorie limit per meal, manufacturer’s literature points out (not “warns”) that you may experience side effects which the makers of Alli call as “treatment effects”.

The vastly popular McDonald’s Big Mac has 34 grams of fat, and the Burger King Whopper has 40; they leave the limit of 15 gms specified by Alli miles behind so far as fat content is considered. It is obvious that to avoid the “treatment effects” successfully you may have to drastically alter your diet and reconsider the way you have your meals now.

These restrictions on your life style are bad enough, but if you happen to stray to the wrong side of the 15 gm-“barrier”, you may have very unpleasant consequences to face. Alli literature refers to these consequences as “treatment effects” but in layman’s simple language it means that you may suffer uncontrollable bowel movements, loose stools, very frequent visits to “loo”, “farting” with oily discharge, etc.

Alli has been clinically tested and approved so obviously its claims of helping you to lose weight are not in dispute here. What we wish to point out is that it is for the individual to decide how far he or she can reap the benefits of Alli without suffering from its side effects.


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